The Forest House,
133 Pine Tree Drive,
PA 17241

(717) 324-1342

Terms & Conditions

The Forest House @ Lake Warren Estates Rental Terms and Conditions

In order for you to enjoy your vacation free from unexpected surprises or misunderstandings, it is important that you read, understand and agree to comply with our cabin vacation rental terms and conditions before making reservations.  After reading, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  The Forest House is a nice vacation rental which seeks nice vacationers.  Please follow these simple guidelines below. 


  1. The card holder of the card used to book the stay must be at least 25 years of age.
  1. Your card will be charged the full amount of your stay at this time. Please understand that we are essentially taking the rental off the market once you book your stay.  Charges will appear under the name business "The Copper Star".
  1. No smoking is allowed inside (or outside) the home. We provide a smoke free environment for our guests. If the home smells like smoke after your departure, you will be charged a minimum of a $150.00 deodorizing fee.
  1. The renter/lessee’s credit card number will be held as a security deposit. Renter/lessee understands the lessor has the right to charge for any damage in excess of reasonable wear and tear to the extent of the cost of the repairs or replacement of missing items. Renter/lessee also understand that he/she is expected to leave the property in the condition it was in when he/she arrived. This includes returning items to their place of origin, and keeping the outside premises clean and free of trash. If the property is left in such a condition to require additional cleaning or outside trash removal, renter/lessee understands an additional cleaning fee will apply.
  1. Please keep outdoor noise to a minimum! This is a quiet residential community.  Thank you.
  1. Please obey all speed limits and respect the privacy of our neighbors. Speed limit is 15 mph (less is better!!)---THERE ARE ALWAYS PEOPLE WALKING ALONG THE NARROW PAVED ROAD LEADING TO THE CABIN, SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  
  1. Check-out is no later than 11 AM. Housekeeping services arrive on the premises at 11:15 AM to prepare the home for next check-in, at 3 PM that day. Reservations are scheduled for check-in the day you leave; therefore, it is not possible to accommodate late check-outs. Check outs after 11:00 AM may be subject to late fees. Please place the keys on the kitchen counter and lock the door as you exit.
  1. Number of occupants is limited to 7 people or less. This number includes adults and children.
  1. The Forest House is a family-run and family-oriented business – this is our home. Please do not plan large parties on the premises. The Forest House and grounds are for use by our registered guests only. Quiet hours observed before 8 AM and after 10 PM.  Please remember, this is a quiet residential neighborhood.
  1. No electrical hookups are allowed of any kind. (i.e., campers, trailers, etc.)
  1. No Pets of any kind. Sorry, no exceptions.
  1. No Hunting. No Shooting!
  1. Use common sense if you decide to venture into the woods. We are up in the mountains and there are snakes and other animals in the woods.
  1. No outdoor fires other than BBQ grills. Fire pit is OK.  Please use caution - we are in the woods!
  1. All septic systems are sensitive. Use only toilet paper safe for septic systems and please use sparingly. All other products are to be put in trash. Grease must be put in sealed containers and disposed of in trash.  Never dumped outside or down sinks. Thank You.
  1. Lessor is not liable for personal injuries. For children's safety, they are to be supervised at all times. Renter/lessee agrees to hold The Forest House harmless for any and all loss of or damage to your personal property, injury or death resulting from the use of the rental property, grounds, and surrounding area.
  1. Any violation of the general guidelines stated above without signed acknowledgment from lessor (The Forest House) will be grounds for eviction without refund.
  1. Checkout Policies: a) place trash in downstairs trash can; b) load and run dishwasher and clean related items; c) ensure home is clean and orderly.

The Forest House Check-out List

Please do the following before you leave The Forest House:

Please leave the place as clean as you found it (our family cleans the place).  Not some random cleaning service.  This helps us keep our (your) cost down.

Check-out is 11 AM

  1. Turn off all lights and fans.
  2. Strip sheets/pillowcases off used beds and put on top of washing machine.
  3. Put used towels on top of washing machine.
  4. Clean out fireplace. Put ashes in fire ash drum in the backyard.
  5. Set thermostat
    1. Summer (when cooling system is on): 85 F
    2. Winter (when heating system is on):   55 F
  6. Clean all dishes and run dishwasher.
  7. Make sure toilets are not running.
  8. Make sure all windows are shut and locked.
  9. Make sure the back door is locked (do not lock the deadbolt on the back door).
  10. Leave all keys on the table.
  11. Lock the door as you leave.
  12. Make sure the lock box key is reloaded into the lock box.
  13. Place trash in downstairs trash can.